TikTok User Says NLB Banned Him For “Repeated Borrowing Of Books From The Adult Section”


Looks like this Singaporean TikTok user took William Clark Styron Jr’ quote about books has taken very seriously and in trouble for doing it.

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end” You should live several lives while reading it, this is a famous quote of William Clark Styron Jr. an American novelist and essayist which we were referring to earlier.

A TikTok user @greasykebabballs, posted a video on video sharing app and claimed that he has been banned from entering the public libraries for weird reason. From the short video we noted that the user’s name mentioned in the email is Victor Tharman Venkateshwara which was sent by Syriah Hasni RP, Lee Kong Chian Reference library, National Library Board Singapore.

The video was shared by @greasykebabballs with a caption “I don’t read not because I can’t, but because I’m banned from every NLB in Singapore“.

It is still unclear about the legitimacy of the video. A representative from NLB declined to comment on the authenticity of the email when asked by AsiaOne.

He also showed an email that was allegedly sent by NLB, claiming that he owed them a sum of $231.76 “due to repeated borrowing of books from the adult section and sporadic masturbation in the women’s health section”.

The email also claimed that by allowing him into their premises, this would “ruin the conducive environment” of the libraries and that a police report would be made against him if he attempted to trespass into any NLB branches.

The representative also told that they are aware of the video, and urged users to approach them directly if they encounter any issues.

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