Uncle Roger Cracks Joke On Russia-Ukraine War Situation, Netizens Ask Him To “Shut The F*ck Up”


Nigel Ng Kin-ju, Chinese Malaysian stand-up comedian/Internet celebrity living in London well known by his name “Uncle Roger” is in news for making joke on Ukraine and netizens are “not happy” about it.

The country is being invaded by Russia and countless people have lost their lives during this invasion “Uncle Roger” thinks it is ok to joke on Ukraine during such tragic situation.

On Feb. 24 Mr Ng tweeted that he was adding Ukraine dates to his world tour (HAIYAA World Tour), the tweet went viral and he immediately deleted it.

Now you must be expecting an apology for his insensitive tweet, but what he did after that will shock you and if you are a fan of Ng it will really disappoint you.

Here’s what he tweeted again :

Many netizens bashed him for his insensitive tweet, as an Internet celebrity with a average fan following he should have at least apologized to the public for his tweet but he did not that really made netizens angry. Many netizens (most of his fans) said “It’s not funny at all to crack joke on someone’s’ suffering”.

Here’s how netizens from all over that world responded to his tweet.

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