Viral Video : 30-year-old Liverpool Fan Arrested for Public Nuisance


In a recent police news release, it has been reported that a 30-year-old Liverpool fan is set to face charges of public nuisance after his alleged unruly behavior at Stadium MRT station and on a train following Liverpool’s defeat against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night (August 2).

According to the media reports, authorities received a complaint on August 3 regarding a man causing a commotion in the vicinity of Stadium MRT stadium the previous night.

Subsequently, police officers from the Bedok Police Division took action and arrested the suspect on August 4, utilizing extensive ground inquiries and CCTV images.

The incident was witnessed by a commuter who shared the video with Instagram account SgfollowsAll, the user who stated that the man was alone and allegedly tried to initiate a fight with another Liverpool fan before boarding the train. In a two-minute video that was shared on Instagram the 30-year-old was seen shouting at MRT staff.

Here’s what the user who captured the whole incident said : Following Liverpool’s narrow 3-4 defeat against Bayern Munich, a passionate but disgruntled Liverpool fan caused a major disturbance at the Stadium MRT station. The fan’s evident frustration with the match result led to a series of aggressive and unacceptable actions, affecting fellow supporters and commuters alike.

Eyewitnesses reported that the fan attempted to provoke a fight with another Liverpool supporter at the gantry area of the station. His outburst didn’t end there, as he continued his rant on the train, verbally attacking two Bayern Munich fans with vulgar words, creating an uncomfortable and tense atmosphere. Witnesses described him threatening other fans with a “floor is wet” sign, waving it menacingly at them.

On the train, the situation escalated further when a Bayern Munich fan accidentally bumped into the man, prompting him to start shouting again. Witnesses also reported that the man verbally abused MRT staff during the altercation.

The suspect will be brought before court on August 7, 2023, to face the charges of public nuisance.

If found guilty, he could be subject to a fine of up to S$2,000. Additionally, if it is proven that the offense was committed with the knowledge that it could cause injury, danger, or annoyance to the public, the man may face a potential prison sentence of up to three months, a maximum fine of S$2,000, or both.

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