VIRAL VIDEO: Man Returns iPad After Stealing It from Rasa Rasa Sengkang Coffee Shop

Man in red shirt caught on CCTV taking the iPad from the drinks counter and placing it in his bag

The man accused of stealing an iPad from the halal coffee shop Rasa Rasa Sengkang in Singapore has returned the device to the police station. In response to the incident, Rasa Rasa issued a statement on their social media channels, saying that the alleged thief returned the iPad on May 5, 2023, and apologized for his behavior.


Halal coffee shop Rasa Rasa Sengkang in Singapore reported the alleged theft of an iPad used for taking orders on April 30, 2023. CCTV footage showed a man taking the device from the drinks counter, and the coffee shop posted the video on social media to help identify him. After tracing the iPad to a location in front of Sengkang Grand Mall, the coffee shop filed a police report and asked the employee responsible for the iPad to pay $1,600 for the loss.

The coffee shop also announced that it has decided to drop the police case and will not pursue the matter any further. The outlet manager, Nur Yuslinda Fatin Yusri, confirmed that she picked up the missing iPad from the police station after the accused had returned it.

She also stated that the employee who was responsible for the device will no longer have to pay for it, The Straits Time reported.

A commenter pointed out that Rasa Rasa should also take responsibility for asking the employee to pay $1,600 for the loss initially. Although the staff member was negligent in leaving the iPad on the counter, it was not fair to demand such a large amount from them.

Rasa Rasa’s response to a Facebook comment, “A similar incident occurred a few years ago, and the item was not recovered. The outlet has not required staff to pay for lost items, and insurance was unable to cover the loss in that instance due to the staff member not keeping the iPad inside the counter. The outlet regularly reminds staff to take care of company property, but staff members often forget and only remember to keep their own personal belongings, such as their own mobile phones”.

Rasa Rasa expressed their gratitude to everyone who helped to share the news and reach out during this period.

The coffee shop’s statement read: “In response to the incident made following missing iPad from our premises, the subject has since returned the iPad (05-05-23) last night and apologized for his behavior. Circling back on the incident that occurred on April 30, 2023, we have decided that we will drop the police case and will not prolong the matter any longer. We would like to thank everyone for helping to share and reach out during this period. Thank you!”.

Despite the return of the iPad and the apology from the alleged thief, investigations into the alleged theft are still ongoing, according to the police.

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