Woman Slaps Her Roommate For Disturbing Her Sleep, Video Viral


A woman was slapped by her roommate for disturbing her sleep in the early morning.

A woman named Vestene Wong took Facebook to share her story and said she is sharing this to raise her voice on what happened with her on 5th of March.

Vestene shared a CCTV footage of the incident and wrote “this was really the most horrible day of life”. The Facebook post has now gained more than 4700 shares at the time of writing. She said that this part of the video is from CCTV footage provided by landlord and it has been in the kitchen from day 1.

Before you read the full story watch this video :

Here’s What She Wrote :

According to Vestene, the incident happened on Sunday early morning around 5am.

Vestene wrote, to start of with, I am currently living in a rental room with three housemates (a female housemate at ground floor outside the kitchen and two male housemates in the upper floor).

On 5/3/2022 Sunday, I had plan on going for hiking with friends and I went to the kitchen to prepare food at 5am. However, in less than 10 minutes of being in the kitchen my housemate who’s living In the ground floor had walked out of the room and slapped me in the face. The reason was because I woke her up.

She also shouted at me with foul language and questioned me why did I not carry my stove to the living room to cook.

At that moment, I was shocked because I thought that was a common area, anyone could use it anytime and it was my first time using the kitchen this early.

In fact, I double confirmed with my landlord that there’s no curfew on using the common area. I told her I will be filing a report to the police and she told me she could get away with it by engaging a lawyer and sue me because she got anxiety.

So if one of the tenant is hungry in the middle of the night and decided to make supper, does he/she has to get slapped in the face by tenants living in ground floor?

Hence, I’ve decided to file a report to police station and she did came to police station bringing an unlabelled pill stating it’s her anxiety pill.

When the seargent asked if she has card to validate her mental illness, she told us it was a mild anxiety and there’s no card to verify her mental illness.

Regardless anything at all, one can’t just simply slap someone else and cover it up with “mild anxiety” Of course the police demanded her to apologise and so she did…by saying “I am willing to apologise but for you to acknowledge my apologies is another story”.

Yes I’m wrong but she’s also not considerate at all.

Tbh, I don’t acknowledge it at all and it was still one of the most insincere apologies I’ve encountered. In the end, I’ve decided to walk way from that so called “mediation” because it wasting time talking to uncivilized people, she said in her post.


I can’t believe it’s 2022, and this kind of thing still happened.

I understand that I may need to be considerate which was why I had informed her a night before that I’ll be using the kitchen and not to mentioned, it was my first time cooking at 5am and that she chooses to stay in the room front of the kitchen from the very beginning, vestene said in her post.

At the end of her post vestene said that she is still living in the same house because this is the last month of her tenancy in that house and “I’m still living in fear hoping that she won’t hurt me”.

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