YP Jailed For 5-Months After Threatening GF With Flip Knife For “Not Having S*x With Him”


The man, now 25-years-old, was sentenced to five months’ jail after earlier pleading guilty to criminal intimidation and being armed with an offensive instrument.

According to Today, four other similar charges were taken into consideration for sentencing. He cannot be named due to a court order to protect the identity of his ex-girlfriend, who is two years younger than him.


According to the report, the 22-year-old man threatened his ex-girlfriend for not having had sex with him for a long time until she agreed to have intercourse during a staycation later that month. She called the police a few days later to report that he had been outside her house and was threatening to hurt his pet dog.


The couple started dating after meeting on the dating app Tinder in May 2018, according to testimony given in court. On April 7, 2019, over a year after they first met, they walked to the void deck of the public housing block where she resided to talk about their relationship.

“He asked her to have sex with him, because they had not slept together since their relationship began deteriorating three months after they started dating”, Today reported.

He became enraged when she rejected his advances and held his flip knife next to her body before saying, “Really cannot? 

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Chong Ee Hsiun informed the court that he frequently carried the weapon with him due to his urge to self-harm.

When she kept declining his offer of sex, he suddenly flipped the blade out.

He asked her if it hurt when he pressed the blade tip against her thigh and then said that the pain she felt was a representation of how much he had been hurting as a result of their relationship going south.

When she started crying, he then placed the blade tip at her neck, continuing to ask if it hurt. He also said that this was how he had been feeling the entire time.


After she agreed to have sex with him during a staycation later that month. In response, he put the knife back in his shirt pocket, waited for her to calm down and took a taxi home.

About two weeks after the event, she reported it to the police, but she soon had to do so once more when he showed up with his dog outside her house and threatened to harm the pet. He was placed under arrest then.

Earlier in March 2019, he had threatened to hack her Instagram account and post videos and photos of them having sex. He had taken these when their relationship was in a better state.

She had personally removed the files from his computer and phone when the issues started, but she was not aware that he had backup copies on other electronic devices.


The man had been diagnosed by the Institute of Mental Health with borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depressive disorder, as well as alcoholism, according to DPP Chong, who requested five to eight months in prison (IMH).

But according to the IMH psychiatrist, his mental problems were unrelated to his offences of obtaining and threatening to release intimate videos.

His pro bono lawyer, Mr Chua Hock Lu, told the court that he intends to appeal against the sentence. District Judge Kessler Soh allowed him to defer his jail time by two weeks because of that.

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