Deeply Disturbing Story Of A 16-year-old Boy Who Raped 14-year-old Girl In Admiralty Park Toilet


In a harrowing case which happened in 2020, a then-16-year-old boy, who had been out on bail for a series of theft offenses, appeared before the High Court on October 17, 2023, to plead guilty to one count of rape.

The victim, a then-14-year-old female schoolmate, was allegedly assaulted on the floor inside a toilet at Admiralty Park. In a disturbing twist, the victim’s then-22-year-old ex-boyfriend was said to have held her down during the incident, according to The Straits Times report.

Due to the nature of the case, the accused persons, as well as the victim, remain anonymous to protect their identities, in accordance with a court order.


The incident occurred on June 27, 2020, when the victim’s then-boyfriend had threatened to pursue other girls if she did not agree to drink alcohol with him.

Reluctantly, the victim consented, and the couple procured a bottle of whiskey. They proceeded to Admiralty Park, where they drank the alcohol at a playground and even live-streamed the experience on social media.

What took a nightmarish turn was when a then-16-year-old boy, aware of the live stream on Instagram, messaged the victim, asking if he could join them following an argument with his own girlfriend, who was the victim’s best friend. The victim agreed, and the group finished the remaining alcohol.

As the girl became increasingly intoxicated, she could not walk properly.

The accused attempted to bring her to the nearby toilet on his e-bike, but she fell from it on the way. This led to the accused and the co-accused physically carrying the girl into a handicapped toilet, where they placed her on the floor.

Once inside the toilet, the victim heard the door lock. Her boyfriend proceeded to undress her, performing an obscene act on her as the accused held a jacket over her face.

The boyfriend then instructed her to lie down, with the accused once again concealing her face with the jacket as she cried and struggled.

Subsequently, the boyfriend held the victim down while the accused raped her.

Afterward, he removed the jacket and instructed the victim to clean herself up, while the accused waited outside.

In a heart-wrenching moment, the victim questioned her boyfriend about why he didn’t intervene to protect her. He shockingly shifted blame onto her, alleging that she had willingly engaged in intercourse with the accused, leading to a heated argument between the couple, ST reported.

Their relationship eventually ended in September of the same year.

The accused who committed the rape was eventually discovered while serving reformative training for separate theft offenses.

The victim, burdened by the traumatic experience, finally confided in her teacher on February 17, 2021, about the rape. The school promptly informed the girl’s mother, who then reported the incident to the police on February 23.

During the recent court proceedings, the prosecution sought a jail term of 8 to 10 years for the now 19-year-old accused, in addition to 6 to 7 strokes of the cane. However, Justice Pang Khang Chau adjourned the sentencing and called for a report to determine if the accused is suitable for “reformative training.”

The ex-boyfriend, now 25 years old, is also facing multiple charges in court, including the abetment of rape.

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