Husband Brutally Attacks Wife For Suspicious Bank Transaction, Jailed Eight Years


In a disturbing case of domestic violence, Muhammad Zaki Yaris Ali, 41, has been sentenced to eight years and seven months in jail, along with six strokes of the cane, after pleading guilty to a charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

The sentence was handed down on Friday (September 29), following a brutal attack on his wife that left her with severe injuries. Two additional charges related to drug misuse were also part of the verdict, with seven other charges taken into consideration.

Court documents revealed that at the time of the offense, the victim, identified as Ms. Arianna Mariana Daania Elyza Musa, and Muhammad Zaki were married, although it was not stated whether they are still together.


The incident occurred on May 7, 2020, when Muhammad Zaki picked up his wife, Ms. Arianna Mariana Daania Elyza Musa, from work. Upon reaching their home, he discovered that money had been withdrawn from his DBS bank account without his knowledge, according to the report.

Suspecting his wife’s involvement, he confronted her, leading to a heated argument after she denied any involvement in the transaction.

The situation escalated, with Muhammad Zaki shouting and using vulgar language. Police were called to the scene and initially resolved the conflict.

However, Muhammad Zaki was not willing to let the matter rest. He called his wife to their room while packing his belongings and resumed questioning her about the bank account deductions.

The situation took a violent turn when he began hitting her on the head with his mobile phone. At one point, he closed the door to the room, and the assault continued as he punched and kicked her ribs.

As per the report, Muhammad Zaki also stepped on Ms. Arianna’s back until she heard her bones crack. Despite her pleas for pain relief, he ignored her requests and continued his brutal assault.

After the attack finally ended, Ms. Arianna lay in bed for about an hour, unable to stand.


Eventually, she was taken to a nearby clinic and then to Sengkang General Hospital, where a medical report revealed that she had suffered from pancreatic trauma, bruises, a minor head injury, and fractures in two spinal discs.

The brutality of the assault led to Muhammad Zaki’s arrest on November 13, 2020, at the National University Hospital. He admitted during the investigation that the drugs found on him were his and that he had intended to consume them.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran characterized the attack as sustained, emphasizing that it continued even after Ms. Arianna had informed Muhammad Zaki of her pain. The accused assaulted the victim for almost two hours by punching, kicking and stepping on the victim, the Prosecutor added. 

He sought a total jail sentence ranging from nine years to nine years plus two months, in addition to two strokes of the cane.

Voluntarily causing grievous hurt carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in jail, along with the possibility of fines or caning.

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