Man Attacked By Otter When He Tried To Film “Otter Gang” At Kallang Riverside Park


Animal attacks on humans in Singapore have raised since last years, earlier we reported about Peacock Attack that happened on 3-year-old & “Otter Attack” on a jogger at park’s entrance where he was bitten 26 times in 10 seconds.

In a new animal attack, a 52-year-old jogger was bitten by an “Adult Otter”, the man was excited to see group of 30 otters and he followed them to take videos while keeping a 2m distance.

Unfortunately, it did not go well & about 30 seconds later, an adult otter jumped at the 52-year-old and bit him on his leg.


The attack took place at 6:45am on Apr 4, according to Shin Min Daily News.

In an interview the 52-year-old said “I was a little shocked when the otter turned to me, my instinct was to stay still and hope nothing would happen. I didn’t think it would bite me.”


After the attack man’s leg was bleeding and he did not think it was a serious enough injury to call an ambulance. The man said that he was “shocked” and saw the otter that bit him join the rest of the group afterwards. The family of otters then returned into the waters and swam away.

The doctor gave him five days of medical leave after he went to Raffles Hospital in Bugis, he was given a tetanus shot and got an X ray.

“When I told my family what happened, they said it served me right. I have advised them to not get close to wild animals in the past, but in my excitement I forgot to heed my own advice” he said to the media.

The 52-year-old said SMDN “I encounter otters once or twice every week, usually only about five or six individuals. I was too careless. My wife and I would usually remind our children not to go too near the otters, but it slipped my mind”.

In a media query Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) Co-CEO Kalai Vanan told that members of the public should always give wild animals like otters space when they encounter the and the man had came too close to the otters, causing them to feel threatened and turn defensive.

Mr Kalai also reminded members of the public to turn off flash when taking photos, not to feed wild animals and avoid provoking them.

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