Man Scams Australian Sex Worker in Singapore, Offers Only $2 for $700 Service


A repeat offender in Singapore has been sentenced to three years in jail for defrauding an Australian sex worker. Abdul Rahman A Karim, who had previously served time for a similar offense, engaged the sex worker’s services but refused to pay her after the encounter.

According to report, the Singaporean man with a history of defrauding sex workers was sentenced to a three-year jail term today, with an additional 71 days for violating his remission order.

Abdul Rahman A Karim, aged 40, pleaded guilty to a charge of dishonestly obtaining sexual services without any intention to pay the agreed fee, targeting a 35-year-old Australian sex worker who was on holiday in Singapore.


The victim, who primarily worked in Melbourne and advertised her services and rates on a website, charged S$700 per hour for her services and S$750 per hour for “outcall situations.”

She was in Singapore for a holiday, scheduled to return to Australia ten days later, as indicated on her website, where she mentioned she was “currently touring in Singapore.”

The incident unfolded on November 23, 2022, when Abdul Rahman contacted the victim through WhatsApp, expressing an interest in her services. Although the victim informed him of her rates, Abdul Rahman evaded a direct response about the fees but continued discussing the logistics of their meet-up.

They agreed to meet at the victim’s location.

Following their sexual encounter, the victim requested the agreed-upon payment of S$700.

To her astonishment, Abdul Rahman denied they had ever settled on the rates and offered her only S$2. Despite the victim’s insistence on the full sum, Abdul Rahman disregarded her and left, ignoring her attempts to stop him.

Subsequently, the victim reached out to the Australian High Commission and Project X, a non-profit organization supporting sex workers, before filing a police report.

In an attempt to cover his tracks, Abdul Rahman deleted the messages related to the agreed-upon rates from his phone. However, the entire conversation was retained on the victim’s phone.

In court, the prosecution sought a sentence of 38 to 40 months for Abdul Rahman, highlighting the striking similarity between this case and his previous conviction.

They argued that in both instances, the offender intentionally induced the provision of sexual services without any intention of paying the sex workers.

The prosecutor emphasized that this demonstrated Abdul Rahman’s inclination to reoffend and requested an increase in his sentence compared to his previous conviction.

Ultimately, Abdul Rahman was sentenced to three years in prison.

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