Man Threatens To ‘Chop & Slice’ Girlfriend In Front Of His Wife, Jailed For Seven Weeks’


A Singaporean man, Muhammad Anuar Aman, 37, has been sentenced to seven weeks’ imprisonment after threatening his girlfriend with a chopper during a heated argument at his flat. Anuar aimed to teach her a lesson for what he perceived as her rudeness.

The incident took place in front of his wife, 42, who intervened to protect the girlfriend, aged 29.

Anuar pleaded guilty to criminal intimidation, with additional charges of voluntarily causing hurt and intentionally causing harassment and distress taken into consideration during sentencing, according to reports.

The altercation occurred on October 10 when Anuar, his wife, and his girlfriend were at their flat.

During the argument, Anuar’s girlfriend ignored him, leading to a heated exchange. Feeling offended, Anuar slapped her face, an act that became the subject of one of the charges considered during sentencing.

Subsequently, Anuar fetched a 28cm-long chopper from the kitchen and held it near the girlfriend’s neck, threatened to “slice” and “chop” her as per the reports.

Fearful for her safety, the victim cried but did not react.

The situation only deescalated when Anuar’s wife stepped in and pushed him away, prompting him to leave the premises. Court documents revealed that Anuar also threatened to harm the victim’s one-year-old daughter by dragging her off the bed by her legs.

Two days later, the victim met with a social worker to discuss financial assistance and disclosed the incident. The social worker promptly contacted the police emergency hotline, reporting the incident and informing authorities about Anuar’s history of physical abuse towards his wife.

Anuar was subsequently arrested on the same day.

Anuar was arrested on the same day and appeared in court via video-link from his place of remand. He pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal intimidation, with additional charges of causing hurt and intentional harassment or distress taken into consideration during sentencing.

During the trial, Anuar, speaking through a Malay interpreter, expressed remorse for his actions and requested leniency, vowing never to repeat such behavior. Taking his early guilty plea into account, District Judge Kenneth Chin backdated the appropriate sentencing discount to the date of Anuar’s arrest.

The prosecution sought a jail term of between seven and nine weeks, emphasizing the seriousness of the offense, especially considering the use of a weapon.

Ultimately, Judge Chin sentenced Anuar to seven weeks in jail, highlighting the potential consequences of criminal intimidation, which can carry a punishment of up to two years’ imprisonment or a fine.

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