Man Who Paid 15-year-old Girl For Sex, Jailed


A 31-year-old private-hire car driver, Lee Lai Soon, has been sentenced to nine weeks in jail for engaging in commercial sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Lee pleaded guilty to the charge of paying for sexual services from a minor.

The court heard that the young girl, whose identity has been protected, had reached out to an unidentified agent in 2022, seeking financial support for herself and her newborn child.

In a desperate bid to secure a source of income, she asked if the agent had any high-paying jobs to recommend, according to CNA.

To her shock, the agent proposed providing sexual services as a means of earning money.

He explained that the cost for full sexual services would be S$500, with S$100 as his commission. If the girl preferred not to pay the commission, she could choose to have sex with him instead.

Lee Lai Soon became involved in this disturbing scheme when he joined a Telegram group chat advertising sexual services. He came across an advertisement for “xmm” or “xiao meimei” offering such services and expressed interest.

After inquiring about prices and viewing photos, Lee arranged a booking with the agent for the girl’s services in September 2022.

Upon meeting the girl, Lee paid her S$250 upfront and then took her to his residence.

As per the report, he informed her that he desired sexual intercourse at the residence, which would cost an additional S$300. Shockingly, Lee did not inquire about the girl’s age or verify her age before engaging in sexual activity with her.

Following their encounter, the girl requested the additional S$300 payment. Lee complied by driving her to a nearby ATM to withdraw the cash, which he handed over before returning her to her original pick-up location.

The case came to light when the police raided Lee’s residence in May of the following year, subsequently arresting him. This arrest was part of an ongoing investigation into remote communication for sexual services.

During the court proceedings, the prosecutor sought a nine-week jail sentence, highlighting that such cases typically resulted in imprisonment.

Lee Lai Soon, who represented himself in court, expressed remorse for his actions, stating, “I wish to say that at that point in time, I did not check (her age) because when I searched for the service, it was stated as ‘xiao mei mei,’ so I thought around 18”.

Lee’s claim that the girl had mentioned having a baby to care for, which influenced his decision not to verify her age, was acknowledged during the court proceedings. However, his explanation did not mitigate the gravity of his actions. In light of his guilty plea, Lee was granted a week’s deferment to attend to work-related matters before serving his nine-week jail sentence.

The offense for which Lee was convicted, obtaining sexual services from a minor in exchange for consideration, carries severe penalties in Singapore. Under the law, he could have faced a maximum sentence of up to seven years in jail, a fine, or both.

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