Orchard Central : Five People Rushed to Hospital with Knife Wounds on New Year’s Day


In a shocking incident that occurred on New Year’s Day, five individuals were rushed to the Singapore General Hospital with knife wounds after an incident on the 11th floor of Orchard Central Mall.

According to The Straits Times, the incident took place at approximately 4 am. The spokesperson from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) revealed that a distress call was received at 4:10 am on January 1, summoning emergency assistance to 181 Orchard Road. The injured parties were immediately transported to Singapore General Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Authorities have confirmed that the address stated in the distress call corresponds to Orchard Central Mall. It is believed that the victims sustained their injuries during the altercation on the 11th floor of the shopping complex. The exact circumstances leading to the incident are yet to be determined.


Blood Stains Found at Orchard Central :

As per the reports blood stains were found spread over a 200m stretch, with droplets outside the Ark 11 dance club and even a smear on a nearby toilet wall.

On January 2, at around 2.30pm, The Straits Times discovered blood stains along a 200m stretch of the floor. The affected area houses a dance club, steakhouse, and restaurant. Outside the closed Ark 11 dance club, blood droplets were observed, while a nearby toilet had a smear of blood on its wall.

Mr Arumuganathan Anbazhagan, a gardener at Orchard Central for two months, noticed the blood stains upon arriving for work on January 2. Cleaners had already addressed most of the stains, and Mr Anbazhagan was unaware of the events on January 1, which was his day off.

Another woman working in Orchard Central stated that she had seen a significant amount of blood outside a lift lobby on January 1. However, she did not witness any presence of police officers in the area at the time. The cause and nature of the blood stains remain unknown, prompting further investigation.

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