Sexual Content On Telegram : Kurt Tay Hires Lawyer, To Face More Charges


Singaporean online personality Kurt Tay, also known as Tay Foo Wei in court records, made another appearance in court today with his newly hired lawyer. Tay, who initially faced charges of distributing sexual content on Telegram, was informed by the court that additional charges would be brought against him.

In his first court appearance on November 1, Tay was charged with one count of distributing a photo and video depicting a woman engaged in a sexual act without her consent.

According to the report, the charge stated that Tay was aware that his actions would likely cause humiliation, alarm, and distress to the woman involved.

During the hearing, Tay’s new lawyer, Mr Rohit Kumar Singh from Regal Law, informed the judge that he had recently been assigned to the case. Seeking an adjournment and requesting his client’s attendance to be excused, Singh asked the court for permission to represent Tay in future proceedings without the defendant’s presence.

The judge granted the request but emphasized that Tay and his bailor must be present if fresh charges are filed or if his attendance becomes necessary. The prosecution explained that they were not ready to proceed and requested a four-week adjournment to bring forth additional charges against Tay.

The court gallery was occupied by a small group of young men waiting for Tay’s appearance. Their number was less than half of those present during Tay’s previous hearing on November 16. Some individuals among the spectators heckled Tay as he emerged from the front doors of the State Courts.

Approximately five individuals were waiting outside the court building on Monday, filming Tay with their phones. Meanwhile, Tay and his lawyer remained inside the building, the report added.

In a video that came out later where father & son were heckled by hecklers outside court has gone viral on reddit.

Some of them waited outside the State Courts, prepared to film Tay as he left the premises. They also yelled profanities at him.

Tay’s father engaged with these individuals and was recorded hurling Hokkien profanities at them while filming them with his phone. Tay, on the other hand, kept his head down and ignored the individuals. However, he briefly stopped to gesture an offensive hand sign and shout profanities at them before getting into a taxi.

Tay’s case is scheduled to be heard again in January.

If found guilty of distributing intimate material without a woman’s consent, Tay faces a potential maximum sentence of five years in prison. The court could also impose fines, caning, or a combination of these penalties.

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