Two Weeks Jail Time For Man Who Took Photo Of Mediacorp Actor Inside Toilet


Tay Bai Chen, a 35-year-old deliveryman who worked as an extra in a drama series, was sentenced to two weeks’ imprisonment on June 23 after pleading guilty to two charges of voyeurism.

The incident involved him taking a photograph of a male actor using the toilet at the Mediacorp campus and sharing it without the actor’s consent, according to Today.


According to Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Janice See, on April 10, 2021, during a break in filming, Tay went to the first-floor toilet in the Mediacorp building and noticed the actor using a urinal. Knowing that the actor was unaware, Tay discreetly took a photo of him from behind using his mobile phone.

Tay then distributed the photo to two WhatsApp chat groups, named “1314friendsforever” and “DingDong.” Accompanying the photo was a message in the Hokkien dialect asking who wanted to see the actor’s private parts.

According to the report, one member of the “1314friendsforever” group found the photo inappropriate and contacted the actor through Instagram to inform him. The actor’s manager assisted in identifying Tay, leading to the actor filing a police report on May 15, 2021. In the report, the actor expressed extreme trauma and a sense of violation caused by the incident. He urged that Tay be punished and face disciplinary action.

Tay’s defense lawyer, Cory Wong, argued that this case was atypical and that his client did not engage in voyeurism for sexual gratification. Mr. Wong stated that Tay’s actions were in poor taste and intended to boast to his chat groups.

District Judge Paul Chan, in delivering the sentence, acknowledged the opportunistic nature of Tay’s offenses but emphasized the distress caused to the victim, emphasizing that harm was inflicted. Although the photo did not expose the actor’s private parts and depicted only a side profile, it captured the actor in a private act.

Tay faced the possibility of imprisonment for up to two years, a fine, or caning for taking photos of a person in a private act without consent. Distributing an intimate image or recording carries a maximum penalty of up to five years’ imprisonment, a fine, or caning.

Mediacorp confirmed that Tay has not been engaged as an extra since the incident and declined to provide further comments.

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