Woman Claims She Caught Someone Recording Her While Showering At Strength Master Gym


In a shocking incident that occurred on September 29, 2023, at Strength Masters Gym, a young woman, identified as Drealya Chen, has allegedly become the victim of voyeurism while using the gym’s shower facilities.

Drealya Chen shared her traumatic experience on Instagram & wrote that “I screamed for help, but unfortunately, no one came to my aid”.

She also wrote in her that “I no longer feel safe in Singapore, but I am determined to overcome this traumatic experience”.


Around 7 pm on the evening of September 29th, Drealya Chen was using the gym’s female shower room when she made a disturbing discovery – someone was recording her with an iPhone’s front camera. She immediately screamed for help, but her cries went unanswered, leaving her feeling helpless and violated.


According to her Instagram post, despite multiple attempts to contact gym staff, she received no response, according to Drealya Chen. In a state of shock and distress, Drealya decided to contact the police for assistance.

Source : Instagram

However, as of today, five days after the incident, she has yet to receive any updates from the authorities regarding the investigation, further exacerbating her distress and anxiety, she claimed in her post. She also believes that this may not be an isolated incident at the gym and urges the public to remain vigilant when using similar facilities.

Drealya has collected evidence, including photos, videos, and voice recordings of her conversation with the gym owner. The gym owner initially suggested resolving the matter privately, but upon reviewing CCTV footage, it was discovered that two male gym members were present outside the female shower room during the incident. Subsequently, the gym owner issued an apology to Drealya.

“I no longer feel safe in Singapore, but I am determined to overcome this traumatic experience”, she added in her Instagram post.

Source : Instagram

She also shared pictures of Police officers present at the Gym premisis.

Seeking justice and hoping to raise awareness, Drealya has reached out to the media, requesting their assistance in bringing attention to her case. She is concerned that there might be other victims who have suffered in silence and emphasizes the importance of vigilance when using gym shower facilities.

Drealya’s distress is compounded by the possibility that the videos taken of her may have been shared or distributed online.

The police have informed Drealya that it may take several months to apprehend the culprit, and she implores the public’s help in preventing the distribution of the videos. This incident has taken a severe toll on her mental health, making it challenging for her to function at work.

She further claimed that despite seeking assistance from her Member of Parliament (MP), the Singapore Police Force (SPF), and legal professionals, Drealya has not received the accountability and response she seeks. She emphasizes the importance of accountability rights and demands answers in a bid to restore her sense of safety in Singapore.

In response to the post, the gym clarified that neither David nor Sean mentioned privately settling the matter with the suspected culprit; instead, David indicated the need to investigate the incident first, after which all correspondence was with Investigating Officer Ahmad.



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