Twenty Weeks’ Jail For 36-year-old Man Who Filmed Other Men Showering At Anytime Fitness Gym


A 36-year-old man named Von Ling Wei Hao was sentenced to 20 weeks’ jail on Friday (Dec 16).

The man claimed that he did so “out of a sense of inferiority”, as he thought he looked ugly and was therefore curious about what other men’s bodies looked like, according to CNA.

In another report, the man said he did so because he thought his body “looked terrible” and wanted to look more like others.

Von Ling Wei was working as a compliance officer with an investment management firm and the Central Business District’s Anytime Fitness gym’s changing room located at International Plaza on Anson Road is where all of the recordings were taken.

The 36-year-old Ling pleaded guilty in November to eight charges including voyeurism and creating obscene films, with another five charges taken into consideration.


The court was informed that the incident came into light on Jan 8, 2020 while he was at the gym exercising. Ling filmed men showering on at least 11 occasions between May 2018 and January 2020, according to the report.

Ling headed to the male restroom to take a shower after his 30-minute workout when he saw that one of the cubicles was occupied. He entered the cubicle next to it, pulled out his phone, and began shooting the man from above the partition.

The victim spotted the phone about two minutes later. He got out and knocked on Ling’s cubicle door but Ling did not respond. He went to speak with a gym employee about the situation, and then the two of them walked back to the locker room and knocked on Ling’s cubicle door once more.

This time, he replied that he was changing.

“He was panicking and stalling for time” according to Deputy Public Prosecutor Yohanes Ng.

After getting changed, Ling exited the cubicle and denied that he was filming the victim. 

He eventually gave his phone to a staff member, who made a police call. Following his arrest, Ling admitted that it was not his first time recording men in the shower, according to Today.

“He claimed that he did so out of a sense of inferiority because he thought he looked ugly and was therefore curious about what other men’s bodies looked like,” DPP Yohanes Ng said in court.

“He also explained that he did so because he thought his body looked terrible, and he wanted to look like others.”


Noting that incidents of voyeurism continue to rise, DPP Ng sought 20 weeks’ jail, saying that such a sentence was “by no means crushing” and was needed to deter would-be voyeurs.

Kalaithasan Karuppaya of Regent Law, Ling’s lawyer, pleaded for leniency. He stated that his client is really concerned about his career and wants to put the incident behind him.

He said Ling has “attempted self-help for his stress” and has “gone into fellowship programmes” and is involved in charity work.

“In summary, he wishes to put this episode behind and start afresh. He’s extremely worried for his career,” said the lawyer according to CNA.

Addressing the court directly, Ling said: “I’m very sorry and remorseful for what I have done to the victims and everyone involved. I promise to be a good standing citizen in the future. Please give me a chance to contribute to society.”

District Judge Wong Li Tein said the offences were hard to detect and in fact did go undetected for some time until he was apprehended due to the vigilance of the victim in the January 2020 incident.

Ling did not suffer from any psychological impairment, and was a functioning individual able to work and visit the gym, she said.

An offence of voyeurism carries a penalty of up to two years’ jail or fine or caning, or any combination of these punishments.

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