Deeply Disturbing Story Of A Father Who Raped His Daughters & Made One Of Them Pregnant


In a shocking and deeply disturbing case, a father who subjected his own daughters to unspeakable horrors has been handed a sentence that reflects the gravity of his heinous actions.

The man, aged 53, was sentenced to an astounding 702 years in prison and 234 strokes of the rotan by the Sessions Court in MUAR. The court’s decision comes after the accused pleaded guilty to 19 charges of rape and 11 charges of sexual assault against his two daughters.

According to the first to 19th charge, the cleaner was accused of raping his two daughters who were then nine and 10 years old at two houses in Bakri and Jalan Jeram Tepi here since 2018 up to July 9 this year.

According to local media reports, the verdict was delivered by Judge Abu Bakar Manat, who aimed to ensure that justice was served and that the severity of the crimes did not go unnoticed. The convicted man will be required to serve a minimum of 42 years behind bars, with all sentences for rape and sexual offenses running concurrently from the date of his arrest on July 10.


The court interpreter spent nearly an hour reading the charges aloud.

The judge declared that no mitigating circumstances could be taken into account for the sentencing of the accused, given that the victims were his own children, one of whom was pregnant.

“The victim was a minor at the time, and the offenses you committed are exceptionally grave. It is my hope that this sentence will lead you to remorse and a genuine learning from the grave mistakes that have been committed.”

Considering your guilty plea, the court hereby imposes the following sentences: 30 years of imprisonment and 10 strokes of cane for each count of rape, 10 years of imprisonment and two lashes for the charge of physical sexual assault. Additionally, under Section 16 (1) of the Penal Code, you shall serve two years of imprisonment and two lashes for each count.”

The father acknowledged, “I accept the consequences for my actions.”

The court decreed that all prison terms would run concurrently, starting from the date of arrest on July 10, with the caning to be administered separately.

In total, he will serve a cumulative sentence of 42 years in prison and endure a maximum of 24 strokes, in accordance with Section 288 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The heart-wrenching details of the case revealed that the accused, who worked as a cleaning worker, had subjected his daughters to unimaginable suffering. The abuses began when the victims were just 9 and 10 years old and continued over several years, until the last instance of assault on July 9.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Danial Munir emphasized the severe trauma that the accused’s actions had inflicted upon the victims, leading to lifelong scars and emotional distress. Munir urged the court to deliver a weighty sentence, given the gravity of the crimes committed.

The judge rejected that argument, saying the “victim at that time was a child and the offences you committed were very serious”.

“I hope that with this sentence, you will repent and learn from the mistakes that have been made.”

“I accept the punishment for my actions,” the man said.

The accused, who did not have legal representation, appealed for a more lenient sentence, citing repentance and remorse for his actions. However, the court deemed the magnitude of his offenses too significant to warrant a reduced sentence.

Judge Abu Bakar Manat handed down a sentence that reflects the horrific nature of the crimes. For each count of rape, the accused received 30 years in prison and 10 strokes of the rotan.

Additionally, for the charges of physical sexual assault, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and two strokes of the cane under Section 14 of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act. Further, an additional two years in prison and two lashes were imposed for each charge under Section 16 of the same act.


Man in Malaysia is sentenced to 218 years in jail and 75 strokes of cane

A man in Johor was given a 218-year prison term and 75 canings last month after raping and sexually molesting his now-15-year-old daughter for the previous three years. Even though the victim changed the lock on her bedroom door, the father of five continued to batter her until June. A medical checkup at school that month revealed the daughter was seven months pregnant, which brought the case to light, according to TNS.

Before delivering his decision, the Sessions Court Judge Abu Bakar Mamat gave the accused an earful.

He said: “Didn’t you think about her future? This child is your responsibility and she puts her trust in you as a father.

“Children are (God’s) gifts, in fact there are people who still can’t have children despite all kinds of efforts,” he added.

He ordered the accused to serve the maximum jail term of 30 years for each rape charge, to be served concurrently, plus 10 lashes for each charge. He also sentenced the accused to an additional eight years in prison on the sexual abuse charge and an extra five strokes of the cane.

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