Man Uses Umbrella Cam to Record Women Changing in Retail Outlets, Jailed


A 29-year-old man, Ang Yu Sheng, has been sentenced to 15 weeks in jail after being found guilty of using a hidden camera in an umbrella handle to secretly record women changing in retail stores.

Ang was found guilty of two charges of voyeurism, with a third charge taken into consideration, after using a modified umbrella with a concealed camera in its handle to record women changing in retail outlets.

On Wednesday, November 1, he was handed a 15-week jail sentence after admitting to two counts of voyeurism, with a third charge being considered as well.

According to report, the incident came to light when an alert customer noticed a suspicious device and promptly alerted the store staff. The staff, in turn, took immediate action by confronting Ang, leading to his eventual arrest.

Ang had purchased a camera hidden in an umbrella handle from an online store. He ingeniously attached the handle to an extendable selfie stick, allowing him to surreptitiously record unsuspecting individuals as they changed clothes in fitting rooms.

As per the report, he would position the “umbrella” on a partition between his cubicle and the target’s cubicle, creating the illusion of a harmless umbrella hanging there.


One incident took place on April 14 of this year when Ang visited the Cotton On store at Paya Lebar Quarter. He strategically hung the “umbrella” on the partition separating his cubicle from the adjacent one, capturing a clear view of his chosen target.

A female victim entered the cubicle, unaware of the hidden camera’s presence, and the device captured her face as she tried on clothing, including a pair of jeans.

Two days later, on April 16, Ang returned to the store and targeted another victim, using the same modus operandi to record the individual trying on pants, shorts, and a dress.

The camera exposed not only her clothing but also her underwear and bare chest. At one point, Ang retrieved the “umbrella,” adjusting the camera before placing it back to continue the recording.

Later that day, Ang visited a Uniqlo outlet at City Square Mall and repeated his actions by positioning the “umbrella” on the partition of the changing room.

This time, a 17-year-old girl was in the cubicle next to him, and it was at this point that an observant patron of Uniqlo noticed the suspicious device. The patron, sensing something was amiss, immediately contacted Uniqlo staff for assistance and knocked on the teenager’s door to alert her.

Ang’s arrest took place on the same day, and upon questioning, he admitted to possessing two SD cards used to store the recordings. He also revealed that he would watch his previous voyeuristic clips.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution sought a three-and-a-half-month jail sentence for Ang. They emphasized the premeditated nature of Ang’s actions, stressing that the use of a concealed camera demonstrated a calculated invasion of privacy.

While the defense argued that no steps were taken to conceal the act, the prosecutor countered that the device itself was inherently a concealed camera.

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For each count of voyeurism, Ang could have faced a maximum penalty of up to two years in jail, fines, caning, or any combination of these punishments.

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