Man Who Pulled Down His Shorts To Scratch Private Parts In Public Jailed


In a bizarre incident, a Singaporean man named Ng Beng Heng was sentenced to 11 weeks in jail on Wednesday after pleading guilty to charges of appearing nude in public and committing mischief.

The 42-year-old was caught scratching his private parts in full public view outside a closed shop on Chai Chee Road on July 5 this year.

According to investigations, a concerned passerby witnessed Ng’s indecent act and promptly alerted the authorities, TODAY reported.

The police responded swiftly, arresting Ng on the same day. He was subsequently released on bail but his ordeal did not end there.

Exposed Himself To Public

During the night of July 5, Ng was found loitering outside a massage shop on Block 11 Chai Chee Road by the court. It was during this time that Ng committed the offense. After an investigation, it was discovered that Ng had removed his shorts and was scratching his private parts when he suddenly became aware that he was exposing himself to the public.

A passerby witnessed Ng’s inappropriate behavior and immediately contacted the police.

Subsequently, Ng was apprehended for appearing naked in a public area on the same day and was granted bail the following day, as per the report.

Just two months later, Ng found himself in trouble again, this time causing a ruckus in the toilet of Heartbeat at Bedok, a public area. The on-duty security officer, Mr Sanjay Chandran, approached Ng when he began shouting in Mandarin.

Despite Mr Sanjay’s attempts to diffuse the situation, Ng persisted, prompting the security officer to call for backup.

While waiting for assistance, Ng vented his frustration by repeatedly punching a urinal partition with his left hand, causing it to be dislodged. During investigations, Ng admitted his intention to cause damage.

The dismantled partition was later repaired by an in-house technician at Heartbeat at Bedok, while the incurred repair cost was not disclosed.

Appearing before the court, Ng pleaded for leniency, expressing remorse for his actions and promising not to reoffend. He also mentioned his eagerness to return home and take care of his three pet fish, which had reportedly been neglected in his absence.

For the charge of appearing nude in public, Ng faced a potential maximum sentence of three months in jail or a fine of up to S$2,000, or both. Regarding the charge of committing mischief, he could have faced a maximum jail term of two years, a fine, or both.

While the court acknowledged Ng’s remorse, the severity of his offenses led to the decision to sentence him to 11 weeks in jail. The judge emphasized the importance of respecting public decency and property rights in society.

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