Passenger Exposes Grab Driver’s Racist Comments on Social Media, Grab Investigating


Grab, Singapore’s ride-hailing company, has launched an investigation into an incident where one of its drivers made racist remarks towards a passenger.

The incident was brought to light when the passenger shared their account and screenshots of the conversation on the Instagram account @sgfollowsall on December 21. Screenshots of the conversation between the passenger and the driver were shared on the Instagram account @sgfollowsall.

In the captions accompanying the post, the anonymous passenger described the driver’s remarks as “totally uncalled for and blatant racism”.

The exchange between the passenger and the driver began when the driver, citing nearby road works, informed the passenger that he was unable to reach the pickup point and advised the passenger not to wait.

In response, the passenger requested the driver to cancel the trip if he was not coming. It was at this point that the driver asked if the passenger was Indian and subsequently told them to “Go back India.”

Source : SgfollowsAll/Instagram

Expressing deep disappointment, the passenger, who had lived and worked in Singapore for a decade, described the incident as “blatant racism” that was “totally uncalled for.”

Despite managing to reach destination with a different ride-hailing service, the passenger reported the incident to Grab.

However, the passenger emphasized that this experience did not change their overall positive impression of Singapore, as many people reached out to apologize for the incident.

Grab’s Response

In response to queries from The Straits Times, a Grab spokesman stated that the company is currently investigating the incident. The spokesperson emphasized Grab’s strong stance against discriminatory behavior and language on its platform. Grab’s code of conduct explicitly expects its driver-partners not to discriminate against passengers in any way.

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