Food Delivery Rider Jailed for Stabbing Another Rider Over Misunderstanding


In a disturbing incident stemming from a misunderstanding between two food delivery riders, Sim Wei Jie, aged 38, has been sentenced to seven months in jail after he pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to his colleague.

Additionally, Sim received an extra 72 days’ jail time as he committed the offense while under a remission order from a previous prison term.

According to report, the unfortunate incident occurred on January 2, 2023, when Sim, who was employed as a food delivery rider, crossed paths with Mr. Lim Yee Seng, also a food delivery rider, in the Ang Mo Kio area.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Chua, Mr. Lim, aged 37, was conducting his deliveries when he erroneously believed that Sim was following him. The exact reason behind this suspicion was not disclosed in court documents.

Upon Mr. Lim’s arrival at the Ang Mo Kio Hub taxi stand, he approached Sim to confront him about the alleged following. Sim denied these claims and offered to have a one-on-one conversation to resolve the matter amicably.

Both individuals then proceeded to Block 322 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, where Mr. Lim realized that he had misunderstood Sim’s intentions.

After the conversation, Mr. Lim left to pick up another food delivery, while Sim returned to his residence to retrieve a small kitchen knife, which he concealed in his sling bag. Sim proceeded to search for Mr. Lim.

Shortly afterward, as Mr. Lim collected another food order, he spotted Sim waiting near his parked electric bicycle. The two returned to Block 322, where Sim demanded an apology from Mr. Lim.

Sim chose this location because he knew it lacked closed-circuit television cameras, as stated by DPP Chua.

When Mr. Lim refused to apologize, Sim wielded the knife and swung it at him twice. While the first attempt narrowly missed Mr. Lim, the second strike resulted in a 5cm-deep cut on Mr. Lim’s right forearm.

After the attack, Sim fled the scene but later returned to warn Mr. Lim not to contact the police. Following Sim’s second departure, Mr. Lim called for an ambulance and was subsequently transported to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

Mr. Lim underwent surgery and was granted 14 days of hospitalization leave upon discharge, the report added.

The knife used in the attack was not recovered by the police, as Sim confessed to discarding it into a pond at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution highlighted that Sim’s actions exhibited a high level of premeditation. He had become dissatisfied with Mr. Lim, leading him to return home to arm himself with a knife.

DPP Chua did not disclose the nature of Sim’s previous prison sentence, but he emphasized the severity of the harm that the knife could have inflicted. If the weapon had struck a more vulnerable part of the victim’s body, the consequences could have been even more severe.

For the charge of voluntarily causing hurt, Sim faced a maximum sentence of up to seven years in jail, a fine, caning, or a combination of these penalties.

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