Six Weeks Jail For Woman Who Made False Police Reports Under Ex-Boss’s Influence


Nicole Chng Jin Wen, a 28-year-old woman, has been sentenced to six weeks in jail for her involvement in creating false police reports, including a fabricated Magistrate’s Complaint, at the alleged behest of her former boss, Sophie Gill, 52.

In a recent unrelated case, a woman in Singapore admitted to falsely accusing her colleagues of rape because she did not have money to pay for her transportation home.

According to the report, Chng had pleaded guilty to two counts of providing false evidence to the police and the State Courts. Two additional similar charges were considered during sentencing.

Sophie Gill, aged 52. Gill has been charged separately in connection with these offenses.


At the time of the incident, Chng was employed as an administrative officer at Raffles Human Resource, an employment agency owned by Gill. Gill, who had been in a relationship with Ryan Riad, 42, since 2015, ran a restaurant with him at 23 Bali Lane in the Kampong Glam district.

In April 2016, Riad discovered Gill’s marriage to another man and subsequently ended their relationship. He later married another woman in January 2017 and removed Gill as a director to run the restaurant independently.

Between March 31 and May in 2017, Gill and Riad filed multiple police reports against each other, alleging harassment and assault, the report added.

On May 23, 2017, Gill and Chng visited Riad’s restaurant. An altercation ensued, with Gill shouting at Riad, kicking chairs, and claiming ownership of an iPad. Riad asked them to leave, eventually locking them inside the restaurant before departing.

That evening, Gill allegedly instructed her employee, Diangkinay Reywin Bunquin, to meet her and Chng at a car park.

Gill reportedly intended to falsely accuse Riad of assaulting her and instructed Bunquin to hit her. Bunquin complied, with boss’s alleged instructions by punching and kicking her, causing bruises on her upper left arm and right leg.

Gill and Chng called the police, alleging assault by Riad.

Gill then allegedly instructed Chng to memorize a fabricated account of Riad’s assault and convey it to the authorities. Both women visited a hospital, where Chng falsely recounted the events to a doctor. On May 24, 2017, Chng and Gill made police reports against Riad for assaulting them, as per the report.

Chng eventually recanted her false statements, admitted to acting under Gill’s influence, and revealed that Gill withheld her salary until she complied. Chng expressed her intention to cooperate with the prosecution in Gill’s case.

Nicole Chng Jin Wen could have faced up to seven years’ imprisonment and a fine for giving false evidence in a judicial proceeding. For providing false statements to the police, she could have faced up to two years in jail, a fine, or both.

Chng’s defense counsel, Ashwin Ganapathy, sought a six-week jail term for his client, highlighting her young age of 21 at the time of the offense and Gill’s influential role in the events. Ganapathy also stated that Chng would cooperate with the prosecution in the investigation against Gill after serving her sentence.

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